Given time

Ben Bradshaw is involved in a fatal car accident. In the car is his wife, who is eight months pregnant. She doesn’t make it. 

Crouched in the middle of the same road, Jack Fitz looks up to see the wreckage, and his five-year-old sister’s dead body. In those few moments, Jack knows his life has changed forever. He’s only fifteen, but in a few years time he’ll be able to track down his sister’s killer, and seek his revenge.

Given Time follows the story of these two men re-united, six years after the accident. They have since become friends, but Jack has never told Ben who he is. He somehow never quite got round to it.


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About me

Is that guy wearing a suit?

Paul London is a British novel writer with a deep passion for his craft. Paul specialises in comedy and is best known for the satire websites The Spoof and Laughsend which he founded, wrote for, and edited for many years. His satirical horoscopes continue to be published globally on multiple guest platforms. Although he's not entirely convinced this is worth boasting about.

Paul lives in the south of England, and is proud to present his distinctly non-comic debut novel GIVEN TIME. You'll enjoy it. Promise.

Always interested in getting feedback.

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