Angry poem about creation

Beautiful sunshine - that God made God made the heavens and the earth... and really bitter poets, too

This is a semi-tirade against the fiction version of God that is portrayed in the Bible. That's right - the one who decides that he's made a mistake and kills everyone. Quite why he couldn't have just "made" everyone good in the first place, I'll never understand. Anyway, hope you like this poem about creation - it's a poem that I enjoyed writing.

Angry poem about creation

"How beautiful creation is," young God said unto none,
"I'm tired, I've had five days of this, my arms and legs are numb.
"I'll have some sleep," he said, "but someone must be guarding Eden."
And so, God made a son, and then a daughter to be even.
"You're like me," God told his son, "and Adam is your name.
"Your wife is there for your delight, but you are my new game.
"I've made this tree, I hope you like, it's shiny and quite tempting
"But do not eat fruit the fruit it bears, or die in the attempting."
"OK," the son said unto Pop, "you go and get some rest,"
"I'll take good care of everything - and Eve will help me best."
And so God took his seventh day and climbed into his slumber.
He slept for who knows how long, but woke with vengeful thunder.
"You ate, I told you not to!" screamed the Lord from up on high.
"Yeah, but, like, I didn't," Eve attempted to deny.
"You liar," Adam screamed at her, "you told me it was tasty!"
But God just knocked their heads together, knowing he'd been hasty.
"I knew I should have waited till the seventh day at least,
"I should have rested earlier, instead I made you beasts.
"Ah well, I guess I have you now, but no more treats for you,
"Your lives will turn to hell until I work out what to do."
And so God trundled off until he'd rested more, I guess,
but then when he came back he made an even bigger mess:
"I'm going to kill the lot of you," he whispered into space,
"Noah, build yourself an ark, I'm going to flood the place!"
And so he killed the blessed lot, but made us all a sign -
a rainbow, oh, how pretty, now I'm sure that's made things fine.

Hundreds of years later, God returned upon the land,
"I really was a whiny bitch, I'll make them understand -
"I've changed, I've got good attitude, I'll watch from up above,
while I send down my Son and teach the buggers about love."

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