Christmas Poem

Christmas Deer - a poem for Christmas Christmas Deer - a poem for Christmas

A mini-festival of Christmas thoughts I decided to put down this morning.

A fun Christmas poem

The buzz of joy within your soul,
where music plays a mighty role
to bring nostalgia to the fore
with words no-one can quite recall.

The season brings such happiness
when people seem to be their best
- when life's for love of all mankind,
the Christmas joy's not hard to find.


For those who've lost someone around Christmas time, here's a tiny stanza in memory.

A sad Christmas poem

Christmas time - a time of cheer -
a glass of wine, a mug of beer,
a memory, a slip of tear,
another loss - another year.


A small Christmas story

Christmas is so many things - it's bright and dark at once.
The whole of the day shines with lights from the street
and the twinkling of houses ready for the season
in the otherwise black skies - just a few hours of daylight
burning cold on frosted fingers and noses.

But lights are not the only things you notice about Christmas.
You also see the smiles and frowns of people that you meet;
some happy in the knowledge that it's nearly here,
while others are frustrated by the commercial and lifeless aspect
of a time increasingly lacking of the love and life it used to hold.

Most of those at Christmas-time are absolutely overjoyed.
These people are full of every spirit of the time;
ready to laugh long and hard, have a few drinks,
and remember all of a sudden that family is important after all,
and that next year perhaps everything will be bright.

Christmas is a time where people allow themselves to alter,
just a tiny bit - a tiny change and step up from the usual people they are.

Christmas is awesome.

That's all for now. I may try to do some more Christmas poetry at a later stage - perhaps bemoaning the use of Xmas. I don't know why I dislike using the term Xmas... perhaps it's because it's akin to mobile phone text speech (though that makes me sound primeval!). Perhaps it's because I simply don't see the need to shorten a word that's so vibrant and full of fun.

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