Getting old and losing your memory - a poem

Remember to do Ah, memory. Now - where did I put it...

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Poem about losing your memory

I used to know a tonne of things,
That now I find I can't recall!
And now I'm older,
Things come slower
- if they ever come at all.

I used to play the clarinet,
but now I find I do forget.
The things I've known
Have upped and flown,
They've gone to somewhere nice, I'll bet.

I used to dance, I used to run,
I used to play word games for fun,
I used to smile
(once in a while)
I used to like most everyone.

But now I'm stuck with grumpy days,
With dumpy legs and frumpy ways,
But this is me,
It's what you'll be,
If you let memories just fade.

You'd think from all these things I say
That I'd be wrinkled, old and grey,
But that's not true,
I'm thirty two!
Who knows what I'll be like some day!

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