Solar flares and CMEs - my story's coming true!


I am, of course, joking. But it's interesting to read the story about our Sun throwing out its latest arsenal of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) into space and making their way to earth (see:

I researched CME activity quite heavily for my novel, SOLAR, and in the book they are the cause of the initial breakdown of the planet Abulyn's defenses - after which a mass tide of solar flares sweeps away the rest of the planet.

Coronal Mass Ejections are, in themselves, fairly harmless, but they can certainly damage electrical equipment (such as those that occur onboard the book's space station, Explorer), and also cause damage/interruption to a planet's magnetic field - though the ejections would need to be of considerably higher energy than those making their way here right now - and also beyond anything so far imagined within our own solar system. It is this latter disruption, however, that, in combination with the further eruption of massive solar flares, eventually sees the entire planet Abulyn scorched into darkness.

As Billy Bob Thornton put it in Armageddon:

"It's what we call a global killer. The end of mankind."

In SOLAR, it's this two-stage devastation that causes the unquestionably unlikely, but still possible, sequence of events that sees this destruction. First: a sweeping away of the magnetic field; then the flares. Well, I guess that in an infinite universe... anything's possible, right?

Anyway, this was all just a note of interest. All my research is coming alive. ALIVE!

If you're at all interested in SOLAR, read more or even buy a copy. It's good - honestly!

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