The sofa that just keeps on giving - a children's poem

Dirty couch Where hairy sweets and lost pens lie

A children's poem about the beauty of a sofa - because children understand the beauty of sofas as well as nature. Hope you enjoy this fun rhyme about a child's appreciation of old sofas.

Our sofa is
the best there is
At giving us some gifts.
Beneath the seats
Lie hidden treats
And things we can't resist.

We get bored
So – overboard!
We dive within for treasure
There's sweets galore,
And so much more
- it gives us hours of pleasure

There are some socks
And pens and lots
Of crumbs under the seat.
You find some bits,
like cabbage, which
I make my brother eat.

Some things we find
We've left behind
from playing hide and seek
In one small hole
"The remote control!"
We lost it just last week.

Mum and Dad
Say that it's bad
"That sofa's old and smelly!"
Though they just sit
there wasting it
with boring grown-ups telly.

They say it's old
And must go out
Into a rubbish skip
But if they try
My bro and I,
willl hide inside
and take the ride -
And live inside the tip.

Personally, I think I love sofas because they have so many names. Not like Fred, or Bernard or anything like that. I mean: sofa, couch, settee, loveseat (no, really) - they even now come as beds. I love my sofa. I also love silly rhymes and poems, especially those for children.

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