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Post book launch – how did it go? And what have I learned?

It’s been four days since the launch of “Glitter Buckets & Spades,” and it’s time to sit down and consider what I’ve learned from the experience. Let’s preface the following breakdown by saying that I’ve certainly gained an appreciation for the job that is “book promotion.” I’ve definitely enjoyed parts of it, and I’ve found myself feeling unable to fully engage with other parts. My primary issue with promotion is… Read More »Post book launch – how did it go? And what have I learned?

Close to publishing deadline; excitement, dread, all the feelings

Today marks five days until my comedy novel, “Glitter Buckets & Spades”, hits the shelves. I can’t believe how often I’ve written that title, even though it’s not mentioned in the book! Glitter Buckets is the name of the shop owned by my protagonist, Oscar Ockham. Glitter Buckets sells everything from the magical and clown-related worlds, from buckets of glitter, multi-coloured wigs, to card tricks and magic wands. I’m writing… Read More »Close to publishing deadline; excitement, dread, all the feelings

The final stretch before publish date

It’s hard to believe, but there are only two weeks left until the embargo on my Amazon-published (KDP) eBook is lifted. I chose May 1st as the release date because it gives me roughly four weeks to finalize my marketing strategy. As a complete newcomer to the task, I thought this would give me enough time to build momentum. I think I tried to convince myself that “momentum” was something… Read More »The final stretch before publish date

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Writing Process.

Writing a full-length novel is something I have done three times now. To some, that might seem like a lot, while to others, it might seem like nothing at all. However, let me tell you, writing full novels is a tough chore, and “chore” is not an uncharitable word. It’s why so many people start but do not finish. I imagine the reasons for not finishing are many and varied.… Read More »Let’s take a moment to talk about the Writing Process.

The new book, a new chapter begins

So today I’m getting into the weeds of Glitter Buckets & Spades, and running through its story a little. It follows Oscar Ockham, owner and operator of the magic and clown supplies shop “Glitter Buckets”, located in the picturesque seaside town of Dawlish, England. He has a lovely life. He has a brilliant girlfriend. He has a couple of friends who wish him no specific evil. And all of that… Read More »The new book, a new chapter begins

The publication train is pulling out of … ugh

You want to believe that everyone who is doing something amazing is both fully invested and fully capable. You want to. But that’s not always the reality. And look, let’s get a few things straight off the bat, because I like the cut of your ever-so-attractive jib: I am a terrible marketer. I mean, seriously lousy. I’ve been surrounded by it most of my working life, and it’s one of… Read More »The publication train is pulling out of … ugh

Starting Fresh: Embracing a New Beginning as a Writer

So, I’m finally getting around to publishing my new book after sitting on it for four years. This post won’t be about what I’ve learned in that time or what I’d do differently with my last book, “Given Time” – I’ll save that for another time. Let’s just say I didn’t give it enough care and attention, because I’m not the best at self-promotion. I still think it’s a great… Read More »Starting Fresh: Embracing a New Beginning as a Writer

The first days after self-publication

I’m feeling good. No great leaps have been made but I am exactly where I hoped to be. And where is that? Is Given Time a success? Well, the primary job for anyone looking to self-publish a book is almost certainly to get it onto Amazon. I uploaded my e-book and created a paperback version, ready for print. That’s neat. I like that. I’ve also generated a copy on the… Read More »The first days after self-publication

Gearing up for self publishing my novel

Starting to get ready now for the publishing push. The manuscript is ready. Cover is ready. Blurb and metadata ready. It’s an exciting time! But I’m still very nervous. And I’ll tell you why: There’s still a stigma, I feel, attached to self-publishing. Perhaps that’s because people have a limited view of what self-publishing means. Talking to colleagues and friends over the years, there’s a definite sense that Amazon’s approach… Read More »Gearing up for self publishing my novel

New site, same me

Gosh. Well this is a turn up. A new book and a new website. It’s been a long time coming. Thanks ever so much for being here. I have a lot to share and hope to do so over the coming weeks and months. I won’t say ‘years’ because everyone knows that blogs are built to die — like terrible hybrid pets. No gibbonpigs for me, please. I’ll be promoting… Read More »New site, same me

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